I've Been Mentioned!

I don't know if I've mentioned this (actually I know I haven't), but I'm completely addicted to Google Alerts. Obviously, I've got an alert on "Mediocre Jane" and - I'VE BEEN MENTIONED!

So there, happy happy, joy joy

Jane out.


WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker

so I thought I'd say again, in case there are people out there who don't know this yet - GRAMMAR MISTAKES ARE ANNOYING AS HELL! Please proofread your texts! Microsoft's checkers aren't enough so if you can't count on yourself to catch your own mistakes, use a grammar checker like ginger, grammarly or whitesmoke - personally, I can tell you after trying all three that WhiteSmoke is by far the best and cheapest.

So there, you know who you are....

Jane out.



Just wanted to share something I found that was interesting:

I had to show this to my niece to prove to her how important her English communication skills are. I mean, if a non-English speaking country like Spain has such a huge unemployment problem BECAUSE of English illiteracy, imagine what your odds are of finding a job in the US if your English communication skills are shot.

So there dear, go back to your room and finish up your homework!

Jane out.