Dean Koontz - Genius

I'd like to discuss this book I'm reading. Funny that this should be the book that I read now.
So the book is called "Relentless" and for those of you who haven't read of it - GO GET THE BOOK NOW! I'm a fan of Dean Koontz, I have all his books and have never come across a book I didn't enjoy. BUT I do not recommend them all, this one however is a whole new story.
So there's this guy, a writer, who writes a book. He's funny and nice, his family is a happy family and his books are successful. Oh, he has a weird dog and a prodigy for a son.
Anyway, his latest book gets a review from a famous and mysterious (no one knows anything about him) critic and he makes a mistake.
Before you know it the critic is a psychopathic killer bent on killing the author's little kid and wife before murdering him. The story unravels beautifully and the suspense is amazing.

My point is: if any of you have anything to say and you like criticizing or putting people down, buzz off. This is one fight you can't win!

Jane out!

IPO Candidate WhiteSmoke Generates Revenue of $3.3 Million Last Quarter

Posted on GoArticles.com. See full article here

IPO Candidate WhiteSmoke Generates Revenue of $3.3 Million Last Quarter
By Katherine Belle

WhiteSmoke Inc., an English writing and translation software company seeking to go public in the U.S., published their latest numbers from quarter 1 of 2011 in the company's latest initial public offering prospectus on Monday, June 27th, 2011. The company offering is being underwritten by Rodman & Renshaw LLC and EarlyBirdCapital Inc., popular companies in the IPO scene.
WhiteSmoke has applied for Nasdaq listing under the ticker symbol “WHSM” while targeting the Education, Government and Business markets, all showing a growing demand for what this small hi-tech company offers. WhiteSmoke Inc. claims in their prospectus that though there are other companies they consider competitors in similar markets, they have yet to see anything similar to or at the level of their own solution. The Education, Government and Business markets are huge, and with the statistics in the “Industry” section of their prospectus showing the growing need for English as a common language on a worldwide scale, it seems this company has a bright future ahead of them.
The company has developed a PC solution that corrects grammar, spelling, style, punctuation and structure errors in texts as well as translates full texts and single words to and from nine languages. In addition, their product includes a Templates tab allowing the user to choose from a multitude of letter templates for instant use. A Mac version identical to their current PC version will be available by the end of this fiscal year. Also predicted to be launched by the end of this year is the WhiteSmoke Facebook application. In addition, applications for iPhone, iPad and Android are predicted to be launched by the end of 2012.
WhiteSmoke Inc., mentioned Monday that additional funding is needed to finance operations for the next 12 months. Evolution Venture Capital Fund, investors of WhiteSmoke Inc., have told the company that they are willing to provide the company with funding they require.
In addition to their flagship product, WhiteSmoke Writer, the company also offers a free trial version available for download together with toolbar applications from third-party monetization companies. Since the launch of this free product last year, it has become a huge revenue source for the company.
WhiteSmoke generated a total revenue of $3.3 million last quarter, a substantial grown from less than $1 million the year before and expect to continue to grow their operations by opening offices and hiring personnel worldwide.


English Lessons = Higher Employment Ratios?

Spain Increases English Lessons to Decrease Unemployment

Author: Katherine Belle

Spain Increases English Lessons to Decrease Unemployment

Spain currently has an unemployment rate of about 20%, which is twice as high as the European average. According to the New York Times, more and more Spaniards are searching for employment opportunities abroad. Unfortunately, many are experiencing difficulties due to poor foreign language skills, specifically their lack of knowledge of basic English. Many adults are returning to school to learn or improve their English or another foreign language.

While the current job seekers are having a hard time because of language barriers outside of Spain, education reforms are being made to ensure that future generations will not encounter such troubles. A third of Madrid's primary schools are bilingual, and by 2015 they are hoping at least half of the schools will be teaching more languages. In addition,  more and more schools have begun employing English speaking teachers.

Spain has a long way to go because in addition to struggling with vocabulary and pronunciation, even the campaign has poor grammar. The campaign to promote bilingual education boasts the slogan "Yes, we want!". Richard Vaughan, owner of Vaughn Systems, an English teaching company, estimates that less than five percent of graduates of engineering, law or business have even a working knowledge of English.

A useful tool to help improve one's English is WhiteSmoke Software. WhiteSmoke works with hi-end technology based on both statistical algorithms and NLP, or Natural Language Processing. This allows the software to actually learn how the human mind works when it comes to writing and better understand how to correct your mistakes. In addition, WhiteSmoke 2011 includes a full-text translator that allows you to translate to 9 different languages and a multilingual dictionary that translates single words and gives you usage examples of every word you translate, allowing you to see how your translated word is used in a sentence.  For those who want to improve their English, a Writing Review feature is available as well. The Writing Review gives you a detailed score of your original text with personalized improvement tips. WhiteSmoke 2011 with the WhiteSmoke Translator is a fantastic tool for those looking to improve their English.


Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/economics-articles/spain-increases-english-lessons-to-decrease-unemployment-4898319.html

About the Author

I'm an artist - I love making Jewelry and sculpting, which is what I do for a living. Another passion of mine is writing and literature - I'm obsessed with the English language (although I must say I love speaking Italian).


Thumbs Up on the Virtual Google API Rally!

Just wanted to give my "thumbs up" on That Girl Co's virtual Google rally!
I'm not really affected by this but my brother is and he's kind of disappointed with the Microsoft alternative. He's trying out WhiteSmoke Translator now, but he needs Hindu which they don't have so - yay for the Google API Rally!


Kudos to That Girl Co



Who Cares?

People get mad when they don't like a certain situation and blame the world for their frustration. Sometimes someone is at fault, but from my experience, when that is the case that person always seems to avoid getting blamed.
I find that frustrating, and I know who's to blame for my frustration - I just refuse to go around pointing fingers and getting mad when I know that at the end of the day - who cares?
So, today's motto is "Who cares?" - we'll see how that turns out for me :)

Have a great one,


Google API - Is there an alternative?

Ok, I admit, I didn't know what the Google API was until the news broke out and my brother, a super affiliate (I love saying that) started freaking out that this basically means the end of his website.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not completely internet-dumb. I do use Google Translate all the time, but the acronym API is a first for me.
So, since I am addicted to the WhiteSmoke Writer, and I have not failed to notice that there is a lovely little tab right beside it called the WhiteSmoke Translator, I hereby send out a request on behalf of my brother, Rick, please make your Translator available in an API sort of version thing.

There! See, Rick? I care :)

Oh, this is the WhiteSmoke Translator page I found on their website: www.whitesmoke.com/translator.html

And this is their homepage, obviously: www.WhiteSmoke.com

Good luck all you Translator API dependent people! I'm here if you need any legal help, Rick's got his own blog for technical stuff :)

Jane out!

P.S Curiosity got the best of me and a simple Google search led me to the following information: API=Application Programming Interface. I still don't know what it means though...

Artanut - Jewelry

I found this site totally by accident - www.artanut.com
Don't ask me the meaning of the name, I don't know - but they have jewelry, art and crochet stuff
Personally, I'm into the jewelry - I bought this gorgeous pearl necklace for really cheap (and they're real!)
I mean, it took two weeks to get here but I highly recommend the store!
I'm currently waiting for a special-made bracelet I asked them to design for my niece, I hope she'll like it (*fingers crossed*)

M. Jane