Dean Koontz - Genius

I'd like to discuss this book I'm reading. Funny that this should be the book that I read now.
So the book is called "Relentless" and for those of you who haven't read of it - GO GET THE BOOK NOW! I'm a fan of Dean Koontz, I have all his books and have never come across a book I didn't enjoy. BUT I do not recommend them all, this one however is a whole new story.
So there's this guy, a writer, who writes a book. He's funny and nice, his family is a happy family and his books are successful. Oh, he has a weird dog and a prodigy for a son.
Anyway, his latest book gets a review from a famous and mysterious (no one knows anything about him) critic and he makes a mistake.
Before you know it the critic is a psychopathic killer bent on killing the author's little kid and wife before murdering him. The story unravels beautifully and the suspense is amazing.

My point is: if any of you have anything to say and you like criticizing or putting people down, buzz off. This is one fight you can't win!

Jane out!

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