Thank YOU Google!

I just had to share because it's one of those beautiful moments in life where you just want to savor it forever.
I was on this case, details shall remain confidential, where I was on the verge of losing. And this was one of those cases where I was actually representing a good and descent guy! So I spent the last days before the trial thinking about how we'd try to settle out of court and praying that the asshole we were suing would just get what he deserved. I'm a huge believer in Karma.
So this one night I look at this Google alert email I got for french recipes (sue me...) and I figured "hey! I should start adding alerts about my cases!"
So I put the asshole's name and my client's name and the next day I GET AN ALERT!
The asshole idiot got interviewed by his kid daughter for her blog and he talked all about the case!
Needless to say his lawyer refused to represent him if he didn't settle and we won! My client got the money he deserved and that asshole learned that Karma is unforgiving :)
So thank you Google Alerts for winning me a case and making a fool out of someone who deserved it.

Jane Out.

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